Running From Safety


“Sometimes it’s a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence.”  ~  David Byrne

“The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.”  ~  Blaise Pascal

Snow. About 2-3 inches by the looks of it. The stuff is clinging to the trees in the back yard. The scene out there is beautiful and evocative of peace. Or maybe it’s just me. I do feel a fair amount, level, whatever, of peace this morning. The outrage and anger stemming from the truly appalling stuff going on with Trump and his truly stupid minions has not abated. That is surface stuff, albeit surface stuff that might well damage or simply hurt a good many people. What I am talking about is a deeper current, where the human heart beats to a more spiritual song. Yeah, I am essentially a Druid, if you really must hang a label on it. The music of the spheres is part and parcel of my world view. And I believe, from experience, that we are Dreaming this world into existence. No silly, not the physical world, the world of human interaction. That said, the reason I feel secure in calling Trump and his minions stupid is not just that they are stupid, it’s that they are applying their power in a way that will blatantly hurt a lot of people if they get away with their treacherous caper. The damage has already begun, though thankfully they have mostly hurt themselves at this early stage of the game. Back about ten years ago my sister-in-law, Debra Weyermann, a fine writer in her own right, had a letter to the editor published in Vanity Fair. In the letter she was challenging the labeling of Karl Rove as a genius. Bottom line: she said that he is not a genius because his efforts were hurting people instead of helping them. Read that again, for effectHow friggin Liberal, right? Right. As for me, and the aforementioned inner peace I feel this morning, it is that inner song that is stirring the various aspects of my personality. I have somehow, in a truly blessed way, temporarily escaped the petty tyranny of my super ego, leaving my ego at the mercy of this deeper current, and that deeper current is, in truly blessed way, inspiring the ‘captain of my ship’, a term I learned in reading Richard Bach’s powerful book, Running From Safety to firmly say “slow the fuck down dude, chill”. My now year long efforts at changing my life, as I enter the borderlands of my elder years, have begun to produce results. The first signs of truly efficacious change are emerging in one perfectly new thing in my life. Yeh, I feel myself getting eager as to what will come on down the path, road, whatever. That is why the captain told me to slow the fuck down. Savor it, don’t gulp it down like a nitwit.

“You find what you love and you learn everything about it. You bet your life on what you know and run from safety, off your mountain into the air, trusting the Principle of Flight to bring you soaring up on lift you cannot see with your eyes.”  ~  Richard Bach, Running From Safety

Geez, that paragraph is pretty good. Alas, I must start prepping for work a tad early due to the snow and stuff. Roads might get icy. What is really cool with me this morning is that the crawly itchy swarming in my chest and gut, that anxiety bloom that seems to be perpetual, and maybe it is, is way less froggy than usual. Nice. Onward, moving forward, tally ho, whatever. And so it goes.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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