Wild Horses in Dreamtime


How long have I been sleeping?
How long have I been drifting alone through the night?
How long have I been running for that morning flight?
Through the whispered promises and the changing light  ~  Jackson Browne, Late for the Sky

“Reality is always plural and mutable.”  ~  Robert Anton Wilson

“We look for the Secret – the Philosopher’s Stone, the Elixir of the Wise, Supreme Enlightenment, ‘God’ or whatever…and all the time it is carrying us about…It is the human nervous system itself.”   ~  Robert Anton Wilson

Yes, I am late, considering that my morning reflections are up and running, while I am often down and sitting still, by 7 AM. Ponder that for a few moments, then  . . . ummmm, what’s it to ya? I first comprehended the phrase “what’s it to ya?”, if indeed I had ever heard it at all before that, in my 7th grade English class. We students were all working on the day’s lesson when one student went up to Ms. Riddle’s desk, interrupting whatever she was on about, to ask a question. She turned, smile on her face, and said “What’s it to ya?”. I don’t recall if she ever answered the question because that was answer enough for me. Though somewhat dour in temperament, I did find humor in sarcasm. To this day, however, I truly believe that she had indeed answered the question in the most truthful way. As for the lateness, I slept a very long time: 9.5 hours. I have been aspiring to that for weeks now. The cool part, beyond the urgent need for rest, is that I was deep into Dreamtime, and not just dreaming; and I suspect there were horses there; and Cougar. You can go back and edit Dreamtime to some extent, because it is a timeless realm, and our will and intentions are indeed more powerful than you can imagine. That’s another thing that has been lacking to a troublesome degree in my life: magick. I suspect that the reason for this lack has been that I have been in a power struggle with someone who, with or without foreknowledge, has been shoveling some baneful shit my way, magickally speaking that is, and I have nearly depleted myself through self-defense, which has been both necessary and exhausting, especially considering that it has taken much effort to maintain a merely defensive position, and yes, I slipped a few times. Sometimes it is necessary to ‘slap’ someone who needs slappin, whether they know it or not, and that goes for either/both the slappin and the need. The unspoken conflict may go on regardless, but I doubt it. But back to the sleep thingy, I was awakened by Rosie the cat, who had taken to leaping repeatedly over my head. I barked at her a few times, nevertheless she persisted. Finally she somehow turned on my printer and set it to perform some task or other, so I had to get up to turn it off. The kicker here is that it was still 45 minutes before her usual feeding to, which is a mostly prompt event, at a fixed time. So I called her a bad name and made some coffee before too long. Which brings me to this moment. I have forgiven the cat. The coffee is long gone. And here I sit contemplating driving up to Colorado to have a first look at a marijuana dispensary. It’s only an hour’s drive. I could have lunch in San Luis, which is a very sweet old town; the oldest in Colorado. Yeh. And it is also a gorgeous drive. And you can sometimes see wild horses along the way. Hmmmmm . . . bueno bye.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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