Not Beginning With Failure

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“If you have nothing left to want, then you just wait. Until there’s nothing left to wait for.”   ~  Neil Gaiman

There seems to be a door closing, or a valve, or an unspoken statement, or something. As much as I attempt to hold focus on news articles this morning, about our current political emergencies, I just can’t do it. Some small part of my mind is pulling rank and whispering “enough already”. This bodes well for my mind and not so well for the world at large. And why a whisper instead of a shout? Simple. Because there is already enough shouting going on, and that is what we are getting used to. I’m not being bold when I say this, but I will calmly admit that my political leanings go left, with a fair amount of a progressive bent. I’m a cashier in a retail store. There was one customer yesterday, an old fella, who started speaking in a way that betrayed that he was a right wing America First guy, and I was like all OMG he’s one of THEM. I quickly (and rather cleverly, I thought) started making sounds of agreement. Sounds that never quite actually stated anything I might be agreeing with. See, I just can’t go there. It seems so heartless, that place, that mind space. I can’t go on about it anymore this morning. It makes me sad and notably queasy. The coldness and hatred, the raisin-hearted smallness, of a sizable portion of our American population is overwhelming rationality on a large scale. Geez, don’t let me go all pundit on you. Good thing I’ve got a job to go to today, and that I must start preparing to go to work soon. Also my cat is mildly sick, sleeping more, eating less. It doesn’t feel to be serious, but in my usual state of chronic anxiety I can take it a long way toward calamity. It’s just that I have never seen her like this. But also that because of her extended sleep I find myself missing that annoying meowing she does each morning just before her feeding time. It’s a good thing I am not a positive thinker, because I would fail at that task this morning. It is never too good to begin the day with a failure.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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