Now On the Floor


“Say I feel all sad and self-indulgent, then get stung by a wasp, my misery feels quite abstract and I long just to be in spiritual pain once more – ‘damn you tiny assassin, clad in yellow and black, how I crave my former innocence where melancholy was my only trial’.” ~ Russell Brand

Let’s just get it over with, let’s face it. I am teetering on the edge of cynicism this morning. I’m running late in feeding the cat. And I suspect I am taking this mindfulness thing a tad too far. As George Harrison said in “Yellow Submarine” – it’s all in the mind. Now, let me go feed the cat right now. If this whole life is a dream or an illusion, or at least seems to be so, I have simply forgotten to take the cat into account, so I sit here thinking about feeding her instead of actually putting out the food, which would actually take a lot less time and effort. Be right back.

So much for cynicism. It comes predominantly from following the news, especially the ‘big picture’ ‘little picture’ political commentary. I admit to finding entertainment value in it all, just as I fully admit to seeking better understanding of the ‘really really big’ picture. It’s gone all wonky, this world, all wobbly. In my previous estimate, long since proven wrong, the human species was supposed to have evolved by now. Such was the optimism of a melancholic teenager. Or was I more seriously depressed? Probably so. Probably so (repetition intentional, for emphasis). This is where the cynic comes in. Is it cynical to assume that I was wrong about 50 years of random procession? I think it is cynical. And it is easy to be so in this scrunched up society that has been split right down the unkind center of black and white. By the way, both sides bear responsibly in this Left/Right polarity, yet at this time it seems only fair to admit that the Right has a much looser grip on empirical reality. Listen, I am firmly on the Left and I always will be, simply because I see Liberalism to be the only viable tool in mindfully transforming mere process into progress. And maybe that’s just me. But I am also a temporary hermit with the day off from work. It’s been a slow, somewhat dreamy beginning to the day. I’ll not speculate on where the day will take me, or visa versa. I would say that all options are on the table except I got rid of the table, put it in a storage locker, and all options are now on the floor. See, I’m working on being more grounded. This is a start.

Peace out, y’ll. Goof gloriously.



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