At the Top of the Hour


“It is looking at things for a long time that ripens you and gives you a deeper meaning.”  ~  Vincent van Gogh

This is the third morning in a row that the air temperature has dropped down below 50º here at the house. There’s a definite turn of the season going on, but I have to keep myself realistic, because I know that Summer’s heat has a way to go before abating. Meanwhile, an early morning chill proves to be the real prize. The sunrise is muted this morning. Pale orange, but mostly a bluish-gray thing. It’s hard for me to reconcile the feeling, but I have been awake since 3 AM, and now at six there lingers the timelessness I usually associate with the earlier hours. I’m thinking maybe this is a good thing, as I am savoring time on a day that is not long enough to begin with. After this one day off it will be four back-to-back workdays. That’s a tall load for me, but one I will face as a challenge. Which makes doing the laundry today mandatory rather than just a good idea. I think I just busted myself. It occurs to me that I may most want to “do nothing” on a day when the time for just that is lacking. This revelation, such as it is, will serve to provide a low-grade chuckle to start these daylight hours. As for time, a couple of days ago I was trying to explain to my 18 year old coworker just how old fashioned circular clocks had qualities that digitals just do not provide. I found it was hard to express exactly why that is. So yesterday a guy comes to my register to check out. He had a circular wall clock to purchase. I commented on the clock and he began to explain why he needed it. He’s a DJ at the public access radio station, and being new there he found that the studio has only digital clocks. He went on to explain that he, being “old school”, needs that clock dial to make his shows flow freely and with the highest precision; he needs to be able to tell at a glance, without the need for calculation, just how far away ‘the top of the hour’ is. I quickly pulled my coworker over to listen, explaining to the man that I was only recently trying to give her an example of the benefits of a circular clock. Then I turned to my coworker and told her, “See, I arranged this”. The DJ was quick to pick up on that, asking me “where’s the ten bucks you promised me?”. No profound meaning there, just a fun anecdote. Which brings me back to the present, where the top of the hour fast approaches, which means the cat gets fed, straight up seven being the guideline. My Baby Ben alarm clock ticks away before me, counting down the seconds until that responsibility takes hold. But it will be my cell phone that keeps me plugged in to the clock at all as I head on down to the laundromat, then on to psychotherapy at noon. After that appointment, then I can get around to doing nothing, and I’ll be like all “what took me so long?”.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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