Synergy and Gossamer Sails

Heron Lake 051.jpg

Heron Lake State Park in north-central New Mexico.

It just keeps getting longer. But here I begin. This is one of the few mornings when I consciously procrastinated, thus putting my start time for writing in direct conflict with Rosie the cat’s feeding time. She’s just gonna have to wait. And I am in the habit of pushing feeding time a little forward on my days off. So, yeh, she can wait. Besides, her pitiful moans aren’t even close to compelling yet; but they will be. The air, however sparse, is sweetly clear this morning. Before the sky began to lighten, the Milky Way was lush; the clearest I have seen since the deep freeze nights back in February. Or was it January? Whatever. And when I went out to check the sky and mountains and stuff, right around dawn, the sky seemed featureless, but when I tilted my head back to look up I spied Venus sitting up high. Nice air temp of 45º. Now, about tilting my head back: it is not an easy thing to do. My neck is a mess. That was the official diagnosis from the brain surgeon right after he fused a couple of vertebrae for me. Yeh, brain surgeon. Not everyone has their own brain surgeon. I cherish the guy. Ummmm, anyway, my massage therapist told me that the sides of my neck are like concrete. That sucks. I’ll not see her again until the first week of September has passed. I need her right now but poor me. I am slowly learning how to loosen stuff up myself, effectively, not just rubbing a sore spot a while. But that totally misses the energy work that accompanies her rubdowns, and it misses the synergy. What I am calling synergy is pretty much just that. For the massage to work to the fullest for me it needs to be a cooperative event, which in turn means that I don’t just lay there like a lump. It’s not just a matter of being skillfully handled for an hour or so. I’m gonna chill out here before I start to get into some serious metaphysics, or New Age gossamer sails. Ooooo . . . I like that image! And on that note, I shall wrap this up, then feed the cat. Bueno bye.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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