All Swiftness Aside


“It is naively assumed that the fact that the majority of people share certain ideas and feelings proves the validity of these ideas and feelings. Nothing could be further from the truth. Consensual validation as such has no bearing on reason or mental health.”  ~  Erich Fromm

“If there is a single definition of healing it is to enter with mercy and awareness those pains, mental and physical, from which we have withdrawn in judgment and dismay.”  ~ Stephen Levine

“If your mental health is sound, then when disturbances come, you will have some distress but quickly recover.”  ~  Dalai Lama XIV

There’s a dull brownish-red haze here in the valley this morning. I haven’t been following fire reports, so I have no idea where the smoke is coming. No clouds. I went out to watch a bit of the sunrise. With the clear sky and red haze sunrise was a non-event. But while I was out there a kestrel came swooping over. He made two passes in a wide circle, then halfway through the third circle he picked up speed, to a breathtaking level, then he seemed to be enfolded by the air, vanishing rather than flying. Only seconds later, as I was going to sit on the passenger seat of my car, the little raptor swooped down low, directly overhead, may 150 feet up. I was flattered by the attention I was getting from one of the sky’s most amazing critters. Kestrels are highly underrated. What the bird’s interest was in me shall remain a mystery. I looked up kestrel totem medicine and found out that precision and swiftness of movement is the key. In my world view the way things move is what tells you what’s what. It fits. As a totemic messenger the bird’s message was right on the mark for me, so that’s my story: it was a Spirit animal. All swiftness aside, it is my day off from work and I have no plans for swift movement, or thought for that matter. There’s been an unattended packet of microwave popcorn sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks now. I might apply that packet to a movie and see what happens. Get into someone else’s story, instead of the national crisis or . . . my own personal story ain’t so bad these days, yet there is a major lack in it. Lack of what? Dunno. I’ll find out by and by. Stepping out of the story for a few hours would likely be an excellent idea. As I learned playing in a rock band: sometimes you can hear the music better from off stage. Yeh.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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