Anger, Retrocausality, and Intent


“The wounding becomes sacred when we are willing to release our old stories and to become the vehicles through which the new story may emerge into time.”  ~  Jean Houston

“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”  ~  Wayne Dyer

“The Augusteum warns me not to get attached to any obsolete ideas about who I am, what I represent, whom I belong to, or what function I may once have intended to serve.”  ~  Elizabeth Gilbert

Tis coming up on sunrise on this final full day of Summer. Camera in hand I will be going out to view the sky show in a few minutes. Yesterday’s sunrise was a gem. I expect more such beauty as Autumn comes in smiling, comes in singing, comes in as serious as a looming presence. Say what? Looming? WTF. Yeh, looming. The Earth is riddled with ferocious storms of challenging magnitude, and quakes of a similar nature. Is Mother Nature threatening to shake off a bothersome scourge of some kind, like a dog annoyed with some living thing on her back? Yeh, maybe.Watch and listen. Hey, it’s time to go out and witness the beauty of another day arriving.  Bisy backson.

“Sun’s up, uh huh, looks okay
The world survives into another day
And I’m thinking about eternity
Some kind of ecstasy got a hold on me

I had another dream about lions at the door
They weren’t half as frightening as they were before
But I’m thinking about eternity
Some kind of ecstasy got a hold on me”  Bruce Cockburn

Have you ever noticed how the bromide “it is what it is” is synonymaticaly ambiguous? I just made up that longest word. What do I mean by that? It can mean anything. Besides – compared to what? The Urban Dictionary defines it’s meaning as “fuck it”. I won’t go that far, but I know exactly what they mean by that. What brought this on is my disappointment in finding there were no clouds at all for sunrise. I almost felt offended, then I remembered that one of my new ambitions, intentions, whatever, is to repurpose my anger. Let’s go with intention. In Castaneda’s teachings intent is crucial for a warrior. My anger can stay. Maybe it is what it is, but I ain’t leaving it that way. The power of anger can be rerouted to intention. There is a lot of power in anger. Why waste it by repressing it, or tossing it aside like some lucky penny gone bad, in your efforts to bring more Light to the world? Look to the Ancestors: how did they deal with it? Anyway . . . ummmm . . . oh yeh, the Equinox. The Veil is parted bigly. Bigly? Yeh, friggin Trump, don’t get me started. When the Veil is parted this much there is a lot more access than normal to the realm of Faerie, the Ancestors, The Side, whatever ya wanna call it. Castaneda called it “the Nagual”. Whatever. For me it is the goddess Brighid I welcome and call. And the love of my life, Lori. At the moment she is smiling as bright as can be, which is infinitely bright, my friends, for she has been encouraging me to repurpose her love for me by opening my horizons a tad by refusing to hold on to her and get on with it. Yeah buddy. Boy howdy I could say it’s about time – but not even. Not even close. I mean, the time is right at any given time, but time is not what we think it is, and since I believe in retrocausality the love that she and I shared was maybe the effect and what is happening now the cause. I’ve been called backward numerous times in my life. That choice of words is somewhat pejorative, but now I see the word as a validation of my retrocausality. And on that note I think I’ll go medicate the cat. It’s the darnedest thing! She actually asks for the injection now, whereas I used to feel trepidation because a few times she has tried to reject it, which ended up with me giving blood and her with insulin in her blood. That kind of success happens only through intent.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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