As the Old God Dies


“Good people turn to love, courage and kindness in times of crisis, not hate, fear and cruelty.”  ~  Laurence Overmire

“Nuclear weapons and TV have simply intensified the consequences of our tendencies.”   ~  David Foster Wallace

“No culture on earth is as heavily narcotized as the industrial West in terms of being inured to the consequences of maladaptive behavior. We pursue a business-as-usual attitude in a surreal atmosphere of mounting crises and irreconcilable contradictions.”   ~  Terence McKenna

It’s complicated, they say. Well, yeh. And . . . I’ve been reading quite a bit of news this morning and I realize now that I need to do this, because if I stop reading this and go to reading happier things, I will still have to deal with news unspoken when I go into town; my point being that this affects us all, even in ways that we cannot see, but there is no way out of feeling it. This affects us all. Is the NFL issue . . . shit, this just pisses me off. I have numerous loved ones who are staunch conservatives, in the way that the term “conservative” is generally used at this point in American history. Looking back I see that my father was one of them, although he seemed to be drifting toward the other side as his life grew short, then ended. So, how did I turn out this way, a liberal, maybe even a progressive liberal? Watergate, Viet Nam, MKL, JFK, RFK. OK? I cried when Reagan was elected. By the time his terms ran out I knew exactly why. And now there is this bullshit about peeps, NFL millionaires, putting a knee to the ground and suddenly . . . dammit. They have every right to do so, just as the people of Puerto Rico have every right to prompt, comprehensive Federal aid for the devastation they have endured . . . because they are American citizens. Them football fellas should be grateful to the country that allows them to . . . again, dammit. I finally got relief from some valid worries last night. On Facebook I found a post from my dear friend in Puerto Rico. She is safe. Her husband is safe. I thank the goddess for that. She is the one, in the guise of Mother nature, who slathered Puerto Rico with despair. She is the one who will nurture the island back into the modern world, if the patriarchs don’t muck up the works. Ooops, if I get into the patriarchal mindset thingy that . . . sigh. I have a fine imagination. Let’s leave it at that. This is the longest political commentary I have ever made in this blog. I haven’t been this passionately angry since I was freshly graduated from high school; the same year that Watergate proceeded to begin crushing Nixon, and the draft for the Viet Nam was ended. See, I was high on the list to go. I never would have made it through boot camp. Trust me . . . mental health issues, don’tcha know. The depression thing was situational back then. Now it is clinical. For some strange and mysterious reason the latter is easier to bear, and it ain’t because of the meds. I don’t know, do you? Now, I have fewer years to have to endure the illness. Back then I had a whole lifetime ahead of me. I still do, but it’s a shorter one now. It’s complicated. I read this morning that now some people are saying that depression is caused by inflammation in the gut, which spreads throughout the body, and turns on the immune system so strongly that it will not stop. I stopped reading the article when it took up the vaccination controversy and how we shouldn’t oughtta do that. I think depression is essentially a societal and cultural disorder. But for now, moving forward, whatever . . . it rained last night. The forecast says the next two days will be wet ones. There are already leaves turning, now, down here in the valley. The cottonwoods are already shedding a few. I find it to be comforting. In the pagan tradition this means that the old god is dying, and shall be reborn come Christmastime, and that Christmastime thing ain’t got nothin to do with the Christians. It was going on long before they got here. Sigh. It’s been kinda nice to spill some tension here today in this EyeYote blog. Thanks for reading. This depressed pagan dude is going to get an early start on getting ready for work now. See, I gotta go into town today . . . geez mom, pleeeaaase, can’t I just stay home today? I don’t feel good. Smiling here.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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