The Sunscreen and the Dark Side

Winter 2 054.jpg

“The world is on fire, young man. As writers, it is only proper that we do what we can to warn people. But in telling the truth to the world, don’t lie to yourself. Write whatever you want. Tell the truth. Just don’t imagine that you are changing anything.
Like I said, people just want to have a good time.” ~  Mark Russell

“Entertainment is about the way things should be. Art is about the way they are.” ~ Roger Ebert

“You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird… So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing — that’s what counts.”  ~ Richard Feynman

There’s kind of a weird energy flowing through my life these days. It’s not me so much, it rather feels like stuff going on around me. It is easy to attribute a feeling like this to paranoia, of which I have no shortage. To me paranoia is in essence, when not pathological or at least compulsive, simple pattern recognition. Let the ego take credit for the pattern, or let someone else get credit, and that’s where trouble may begin. So, here’s what happened, what put me on this issue. I’ve been taking the foil sunscreen for my car and clamping it down under the windshield wipers to prevent frost from forming on the windshield. Works great. Yesterday morning I went to the car and found the wipers standing erect rather than flush with the glass. The sunscreen was nowhere to be seen, and I searched for it again after work, to no avail. And the driver-side wiper blade was detached and laying on the ground. I went through the possibility of some wind phenomenon causing this display. It’s possible, but taking all of the details and parameters into account the probability of this seems pretty darned small. Which leaves the possibility of pranksters or spirits; once again, unlikely. Following this pattern of thought leads to the conclusion that the whole incident was unlikely. Which it was. My question then is was it the work of a bruja? This possibility carries more weight than the others. I’ve dealt with them before, and they don’t really scare me as such. In a way this low-level dark magic is like gossip on steroids and meth. In my worldview a witch is neither good nor evil. Magick is a force, just like gravity, electromagnetism, or stupidity. It’s not the force, it’s in the way that you use it. A witch who has courage and/or confidence knows well enough to be cautious with the Dark Side, but not to try to banish it, because ya can’t banish it. You can go into the dark side unscathed but not unchanged, as long as you remain consciously aware of where you are and why you are there. Who knows, I may have to go there soon if this incident yesterday begins to look more like meddlesome magick than it already does. I should note that the erect wiper stems and the missing sunscreen, in such a case, would still be set as they are by plain old human hands. The magick flows through the symbolism and semiotics. And never forget that the New Age-y notion that a dark magician can’t hurt you unless you agree to it simply ain’t true. I don’t know, maybe it is just paranoia. That’s a valuable baseline to consider. And with that said I shall get to my workday preps.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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