Ripe With Affirmations

Winter 3 054.jpg

“Crises marked by anxiety, doubt, and despair have always been those periods of personal unrest that occur at the times when a man is sufficiently unsettled to have an opportunity for personal growth. We must always see our own feelings of uneasiness as being our chance for “making the growth choice rather than the fear choice.” ~ Sheldon B. Kopp

“Someone should call him
and see if he can come out.
Try to lose the down that he’s found.”  ~  Neil Young

Twill remain a mystery, I suppose. Part one is that I slept late, perhaps mostly because the cat was uncharacteristically mellow, and partly because I obviously needed the sleep. I actually had a blog post nearly ready but I somehow lost the thing because I didn’t ‘save’ it as I went along. Anger was my first reaction when the unfinished post vanished, but I caught that anger as it spouted and wrestled it down to an essentially noncommittal WTF, the latter being much less dangerous than the former. I’ve been actively endeavoring to cut down on anger. See, reactions are going to happen, but it is where I allow the anger to go once it is out in the open that truly matters. My success rate with all of this is pretty good, pretty healthy. One interesting part of this experiment in conscious growth is that the anger is so often supplanted with humor. Hmmmm. Anyway, after I lost that draft yesterday I felt not inclined to write another, however brief. No apologies, stuff happens. As for this morning the only active feature is my waiting for news on the Mueller Investigation and who’s going to be busted before the public’s eyes today. Should be fun. A lone workday waits me. Yesterday off, tomorrow off. My feelings about it are benign, like whatever. And that is good. Right? Meh. I do love my job, yet passion only comes in some unexpected moments, when everything clicks and the teamwork shines. My main dynamic beyond that is in that some of the people I see make me smile, and stimulate me in needed ways. But for now tis the ending of the old year and the beginning of a new turn around the circle of the year. Plus, the Veil is thin, so I can keep my senses open for communications from the Other Side, maybe even a visit or two. A couple of days ago I felt a pat on the top of my head when no one was nearby. It felt to be a loving touch, ripe with affirmations. I love stuff like that. But no expectations for the day, good buddy. Let ‘er roll.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.



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