Waking to Certain Knowledge


“Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.” ~ Starhawk

“Cursing and healing. Left Hand path and Right Hand path. Black and White. Desiring and Repelling. They are all part of the same circle. All interlocking forms of spiritual, magickal and transformational work. Human energies in the spiritual, coming into the material world through perfectly natural means.”   ~ Dacha Avelin 

“Some of the best advice you will ever hear will come from the forest.”  ~ Dacha Avelin

The clock runs fast, and I wish it wouldn’t. It’s not that I don’t want to go to work. I do. I dunno. Whatever. The important facts here: Rosie the cat is on my lap and the second cup of coffee is good. Nuff said. Now . . . moving forward . . . these are the darkest days, as a nation, I can remember. And that is in spite of Nixon and all of that mess. It is disturbing. I could write for hours about it. Some of that writing would be cogent and some not. That’s just how it is. I am totally astonished at the moral rot that is starting to ooze to the surface on the Right wing. And I don’t want to die a serf. As – I think it was – Donald Trump said, there’s something rotten in Denmark. Yuck. I’m going to have to shift into Lightworker mode, I suppose. Speaking of that, someone was in my dreams last night. Someone with ill intent. I woke up with certain knowledge. Such stuff is possible, do not doubt it. I’ve noted before here that what pisses me off about troubled and troubling people entering my dreams is that it indicates that they don’t have good dreams of their own so they come to darken mine instead. This is a profound statement. Try applying the statement to everyday waking life. It’s not so different. I’ve put up with folks witchin’ on me before. I can defend myself, and if that is inadequate I can call for backup. I got me some good backup. No worries. The cat’s got my back too. She’s a force to reckon with. Well, I admit I am distracted this morning. I’m looking forward to a good day at work, even if I have to make it up. There is a serious disturbance in the Force these days. Just to backtrack, and then I’m going to get ready for work – I actually don’t mind if someone is in my dreams if they have shining eyes and a penetrating smile. Yeh, right. Dream on, dude. I plan on it. And if plans don’t come through for me I’ll do it anyway.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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