Laced with Fractals


“I would like to see anyone, prophet, king or God, convince a thousand cats to do the same thing at the same time.” ~ Neil Gaiman

“You don’t see something until you have the right metaphor to let you perceive it” ~ James Gleick 

“Billions of years ago there were just blobs of protoplasm; now billions of years later here we are. So information has been created and stored in our structure. In the development of one person’s mind from childhood, information is clearly not just accumulated but also generated, created from connections that were not there before”  ~ James Gleick

Serendipity led me to the Moody Blues, earlier this morning. As long as I have been awake I reckon I could call this night’s endgame. I don’t know why I went to YouTube in the first place; probably a link on Facebook. But one thing led to another, so I ended up watching old videos of the band. This watching gave me the closest thing to a perspective I’ve had since leaving work on Saturday. It’s good, I suppose. Whatever. I’m too tired to be bothered at this time. I am also too tired to speculate on the nature of time, but with me that can change at the drop of a hat. So, why do I mention time at all? Welllll . . . there’s this paradigm shift thing. It’s a whole life shift, or so it seems. At times everything begins to look like flows of chaos, thickly laced with fractals. It’s not the same thing as transformation, it’s more like rearranging the furniture. The transformation comes when you step back to admire the new layout of the room and you trip backward when you come up against the coffee table which is sitting where it didn’t used to be. Speaking of coffee I likely will be making a second pot in a few minutes. The first was gone quite a while ago, so I am not concerned with amping myself up too much. Listen, I just realized that it is Christmas morning, and I have been up for hours, like some tyke who’s hoping to get a glimpse of Santa, and I’m like all go away kid, ya bother me. I’m not so sure I’d even welcome Santa right now, much less that puny tyke. Now, I realize that my mentioning a puny tyke might lead folks to mistakenly assume I am speaking of the president. But I am not into politics this morning, night, whatever. I’m all about magick, in part because I am going through a phase where I much too often remind myself that I am dealing with adults. From a slowly awakening perspective it feels to be that magick was much stronger during those childhood days. And I get that. I grok it. I dig it. It’s not that magick fades, however. In fact the opposite is true. But as we build stable lives we end up investing a lot of magick in our daily life. That magick is no longer free when we do that. It is giving form to ideas and traditions. I’m not sure if I know where I was going with that thought. Best let it be. I am finally intentionally learning to let it be when I find myself in times of trouble. Paul McCartney tried to tell me that all those years ago. I shoulda listened, right? Let’s just finish by saying it is never too late to have a happy childhood.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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