Plague of Yawns

Shallow water 054.jpg

“Fiction is empathy technology.” ~ Steven Pinker

“In a relativistic universe you don’t cling to anything, you learn to swim. And you know what swimming is – it’s kind of a relaxed attitude with the water. In which you don’t keep yourself afloat by holding the water, but by a certain giving to it.” ~ Alan Watts

“Peace is life. Love is life. No river holds a grudge against a rock in its path. No leaf refuses to blow in the breeze. No plant denies water or sunshine. We, as human beings, have the gift of self-awareness, but this gift quickly turns to self-destruction if we do not learn to use it. We must learn to turn our minds towards the peace and love that we are flowing within at any given moment. This is the key to serenity.” ~ Vironika Tugaleva

Check out the third quote. That really opened up my awareness. Dusty, edgy, high gravity,  hopeful romantic, slightly left of center, a headspace that just keeps on giving, and that pretty much means you can be most helpful by picking up the feather duster and have at it, dude. That’s me lately. And tired, but that’s nothing new. I’ve been mildly plagued with yawns this morning. Really really big ones. The kind that stretch my face and neck and shoulders. I just had a yawn right after the previous sentence, and I tested my awareness by being mindfully vigilant of whatever. So, in being intentionally that way, by feeling down deep, nearly to the symbolic level,  I noticed that the yawn stretches it out down around the heart as well. Stretching is a profound activity in the material world. Cats do it incessantly. They are the masters. Just watch. I must post a warning here. Watching cats can have a very strange effect on many people. If you get into the headspace of what it is up with that animal anyway you are risking your sanity. Them little beasties are crazy. Listen, they play with things that aren’t there. What does that say about your recreational activities?


It’s comin’ up on time to feed and medicate the cat. The medication is insulin. One unit every day, in the morning. After taking care of the cat I can get to this other cup of coffee, and poke my head back into the vile madness that is . . . I’m jest sayin’ I’m a gonna read the news for a bit.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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