An Earthly Pleasure


“And so man, as existing transcendence abounding in and surpassing toward possibilities, is a creature of distance. Only through the primordial distances he establishes toward all being in his transcendence does a true nearness to things flourish in him.” ~ Martin Heidegger 

A day with a chance of rain. How odd. It has been so dry that even a chance does indeed seem distant and somewhat abstract in the moisture’s absence. Okay, I’m being a bit puffed up. I had a compliment on my long hair yesterday; it having grown out and looking like it did when I was 25 years old and playing in a rock band. She was an exceptionally beautiful woman, and she caught me by surprise. Dressed all in black, looking good, light flowing through a doorway behind her; a mesmerizing silhouette. It brings memories of my time in the NDE world of light. Goddess stuff, yeh. On my way to work. Just stopped by to say howdy, and boy howdy, it’s a pleasure to do so. Not lofty, that’s not the point. The point is that sometimes a more earthly pleasure is the need thing. Says me.

Peace out. Goof Gloriously.


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