Without an Exclamation Point


“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

“All I want to convey to anyone who is suffering while they’re young is that sometimes you get a reprieve when you’re older. Maybe it’s just your perception that changes, but somehow it eases up, because life ebbs and flows. When you’re ebbing, maybe you’re strengthening your perspective of the world. And when you’re flowing, maybe you can use everything to create, to write, to sing, act, and eventually stand taller and see farther.” ~ Cyndi Lauper

“We can never know more than the mind can assimilate and process, nor can we discuss any aspect of the world for which there is no language.” ~ Padma Viswanathan

There’s gotta be a reason for all this, right? Not. There is not a reason for everything. Like there is no reason for me not being a philosopher; it just happened. I jest. You know that, right? I coulda done the work, sure, but that failed probability looks more like an extreme, expensive luxury than anything else, at this point. So, what reason was I looking for, thinking of anyway? Hypocrisy. I promise to knock off this political commentary as soon as I proffer my point. The point is that, it seems to me, that Right Wing politics has become rife with hypocrisy. So what have they done about this? They weaponized it. The Right has, instead of explaining, or at least offering up a compromise, turned hypocrisy into a flash grenade. Someone points out the hypocrisy of some Rightie dude and they all go “BANG!! The president is great! Gotcha! Fake news!”, then they tell you to shut the fuck up because Jesus and stuff. I admit to speaking the name Jesus at least once a day. No, he’s not my savior. Who actually told you that? I speak his name when I read some truly stunning proclamation or defense from some obviously deeply troubled fellow human, and come to find out the proclamation is being prepared to become Republican policy. I read stuff like this and I’m like “Oh, Jesus”. Out of exasperation, I never use an exclamation point at times such as these. It is not merited. They gave up the element of surprise long ago. Dammit. What’s wrong with these people anyway? Whatever.

It’s about straight up sunrise. I’m not going out to look . . . oh wait, maybe I will. Bisy backson.

There must be a fire nearby. The air over the mountains is a sickly reddish-brown. Oh, well. I meant to write about dreams again. Didn’t happen. But them dreams ain’t goin’ nowhere. I’m out of words and my beard seriously needs trimming. Best wordlessly get to it. And so begins the day.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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