Disturbing Yet Golden


“One must not prostrate oneself before the minor impossibilities, otherwise the major impossibilities would never come into view.” ~ Franz Kafka

“Never let up. In stories, things go from bad to worse, even if nobody wants them to. If she wants to apologize, interrupt her. Whenever anyone is about to release tension, interrupt her. Is the couple on the date about to kiss? Pull them apart. You might think the audience will love you if you give them what they want. Not true. Make them want it, then yank it away.” ~ Matt Bird

“Every writer is a frustrated actor who recites his lines in the hidden auditorium of his skull.” ~ Rod Serling

It has been a dark night of the soul kind of morning, the kind which have happened so frequently, for the past six years, that they really don’t pack the punch they did earlier in life. Lucky me. I’m not talking about depression here. Yeh, I’ve been on a significant downswing for nearly a week, but something pissed me off yesterday, and the anger was sufficient to shake me out of the down. Likely it will come back. Whatever. No complaints. In my heart today I want to regard consciousness in a casual way, observe then comment later on. And hopefully I will achieve this desire, but I am so friggin tired again. That’s one thing about anger, it sometimes sucks you dry. It gets greedy as well. The inability, at any given time, to not dwell on the thing that started it all . . . well, lets just say that holding onto shit like that can wear you down, then out. I’m about out this morning, and it’s okay. I can and likely will plug my brain into a movie tomorrow. Netflix just started showing the new movie version of “A Wrinkle in Time”. That was the first book I fully read on my own, back in the 4th grade. It means a lot to me. The story is disturbing yet golden. Now, moving forward . . . the desire to write in that staccato Hemingway style is really badgering me at the moment. But I deeply and truly am not in the friggin mood. I’m cranky. I’m frustrated. I’m over-tired. That was three ‘I’s in a row; very sloppy technique, but it said what I wanted it to say. Not that I should get over myself and get happy. I’m tired of fighting ego. Intending to transcend ego is an ego thing in itself. Nah, no sense in getting ruffled by getting angry for a simply good reason. Anger is natural, as natural as that priceless WTF look you get on your face when someone says something bizarre, and they think it is an okay thing to say, which it is, but bizarre is also what it is, regardless. Did that make sense? Whatever. Think I’ll have some fun today.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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