State of Play

“I love the players and you love the game” ~ Taylor Swift

“He told us that nations of men fell into disorder, so nations of law were set up instead. He told us that nations of law then forgot justice and let the law become a Game, a Game in which the moves and the winning were more important than truth. He told us to seek justice rather than the Game.” ~ Shari S. Tepper

“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.” ~ Winston Churchill

Our opening photo is from a lovely storm back on February 28th, 2010. I remember the shoveling that day, not because it took so long, but because I had entirely too much fun shoveling. It wasn’t enough for me to just get the snow out of the way. I sculpted some of it, little walls and stuff. For fun. If somebody had come along to tell me that I could be using my time in a more practical manner my reply would have been playful, and perhaps not entirely welcome. I’m usually pretty good, but sometimes I simply cannot traffic in allusions. Sometimes ya just gotta play, and if that entails playing with words then do it lovingly. At such times I prefer the direct approach, which likely leaves the other trying not to laugh. That’s when you finally have them. What I am saying is ya gotta play. That’s all really. Now, moving forward . . . the Moon looks truly magnificent this morning. It just floated down behind the horizon. The air is wicked cold; sky crystal clear. Tis a workday and part of me is indeed feeling playful. I’ve got a moderate depressive cycle happening, and that actually can make it easier to have fun. When everything sucks (one feature of hardcore depression is that everything sucks) nothing matters as much, so you can be funny. It is almost a necessity, which is said to be the mother of invention. Invent laughter and smiles. Easy enough. It likely will lift your spirits a tad. Case closed. It’s a state of play.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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