Something That Big

“Few of us would regret the years it takes to complete an education or master a crucial skill. So why complain about the perseverance needed to become a well-balanced and truly compassionate human being?” ~ Matthieu Ricard

“So instead of giving in to despair I chose active melancholy, in so far as I was capable of activity, in other words I chose the kind of melancholy that hopes, that strives and that seeks, in preference to the melancholy that despairs numbly and in distress.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

“My courage and my resolution is firm; but my hopes fluctuate, and my spirits are often depressed.”  ~ Mary Shelley

Just about right on schedule I have grown weary of Winter, which means that though my love of Winter does not abate, it is simply no longer anywhere near as refreshing as it was at Winter’s advent. Happens the same time every year. This is the point where true perseverance kicks in. It’s like, “You mean I have to go out there at sunrise again?!“. The air has teeth. On my days off I won’t go out until the temperature gets into the mid-20s. On the finest of days I don’t have to go out at all, which doesn’t mean I won’t go out; just not until later. Another thing that happens this time of year is that thoughts and feelings of mortality come to call. I get them on occasion throughout the year, but this time of year they predominate. February 3rd will be the 35th anniversary of my bicycle accident/ head trauma/ NDE. That never grows old, and it does not respond to perseverance in any detectable way. It’s not that these thoughts and feelings are in any way mandatory. Something that big just won’t let itself be forgotten. No way, no how. And how. Anyway, going forward, it is 3º out there, so I’d best get an early start on the ablutions and such. Just the fact that I used the word “ablution” probably means I should quit writing for today anyway. But I did look up the word and found that it is “often used for humorously formal effect”. Hmmph, for me anything at all formal is pretty darned funny. Whatever. It all comes out in the wash.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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