When Seriousness Call for Silliness

“It is proved that things cannot be other than they are, for since everything was made for a purpose, it follows that everything is made for the best purpose.” ~ Voltaire

“When will people learn that just because you can make something doesn’t mean you should?” ~ Sara Gruen

“Let us now take a moment to reflect on the plight of the Starbucks barista, that patient indulger of obsessive-compulsive customer requests, that tireless dispenser of forced smiles, that hapless victim of a never-ending parade of indignities. Any brave soul who dons the green apron must endure annoyances that would crush the rest of us – or at least send us into a cup-throwing, syrup-spraying rage.” ~ Taylor Clark

The coffee had little effect, but it always tastes good. I suppose the main thing I feel this morning is relief and gratitude that the Full moon is past. It was a rough one, following a week of sensitivity that was truly annoying. And of course annoying is but one small step from maddening. I had both. Luckily my rational faculties were relatively in tact. Another point of gratitude is that I seem to have given the skunk a choice he couldn’t refuse. It involved mothballs, which I placed right at the opening he wanted to use to nest under the deck. He has not returned. We’ll see. I feel good about this. He can live his big beautiful life elsewhere. And speaking of stinkers – how about that Mueller report? I think that Congress has a duty at this point to pursue impeachment, not as a strategy toward winning the next election, rather as a . . . ummmm, a duty? Impeachment should be symbolic first, then get your political ducks in a row. I’d hoped to leave the ducks out of this but the plain seriousness of the situation calls for silliness. Luckily I am good at that. Now, as for the moment, my focus is lacking this morning. A good shower will cleanse that back into place. It’s just that the world feels so dirty at times. It can be a drain on our faculties. That’s me today, as I endeavor to walk further on through this rough passage in life. It does . . . oh, never mind. Feels like a good day is at hand.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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