The Reality of Proactive Grouching

“We’re in such a hurry most of the time we never get much chance to talk. The result is a kind of endless day-to-day shallowness, a monotony that leaves a person wondering years later where all the time went and sorry that it’s all gone. ” ~ Robert Pirsig

“If your mind is truly, profoundly stuck, then you may be much better off than when it was loaded with ideas. The solution to the problem often at first seems unimportant or undesirable, but the state of stuckness allows it, in time, to assumes its true importance. It seemed small because our previous rigid evaluation which led to the stuckness made it small.
But now consider the fact that no matter how hard you try to hang on to it, this stuckness is bound to disappear. Your mind will naturally and freely move toward a solution. Unless you are a real master at staying stuck you can’t prevent this. The fear of stuckness is needless because the longer you stay stuck the more you see the Quality-reality that gets you unstuck every time. What’s
really been getting you stuck is the running from the stuckness through the cars of your train of knowledge looking for a solution that is out in front of the train. Stuckness shouldn’t be avoided. It’s the psychic predecessor of all real understanding.” ~ Robert Pirsig

Draw back the curtains and let the Sun rise, as it will. Turtledove chanting outside the window. No sounds of traffic on the highway. Not yet. The day is beginning, and let’s face it, things get pretty noisy during the day. I don’t know if it is from living in the Florida Keys for so many years, but I can easily go all judgmental about the speed and density of today’s world. I left the Keys 24 years ago, and I suspect that things down there are much faster and denser now. To this day I retain the deep sorrow of watching the gentrification of the place, soon after Ronald Reagan came into power. Yes, I remember well going through the INS checkpoint just south of Florida City. It was a border within a boarder. The Keys put tongue in cheek and seceded, fired one shot from a dinky cannon, broke a loaf of French bread over the head of some guy dressed up in formal Navel attire, then applied for Federal aid as a defeated adversary. Great fun. But that was many yesterdays ago. And today’s political climate makes that all look like Lego play. Don’t ask me what that means. Let’s see – on the immediate front, it is laundry day for me. Wash, rinse, dry, fold. I like the sounds of that. I may even try and linger out in the direct sunlight for a while. As an entrenched depressive I tend to shy away from sunlight. Yeh, vitamin D and all that good stuff. I know the benefits of sunlight intimately, from my time in the islands. And I don’t need a lecture, k? Geez, I feel grouchy this morning, and I have no idea why, but the feeling was presaged when I woke up from some uncomfortable dream, exclaiming much more rigorously than usual from the struggle to get my upper torso to begin to limber up. One of my favorite quips about aging is that if you wake up in the morning and nothing hurts, you haven’t actually woken up yet. Boy howdy that line never gets old for me. The funny thing is that I have limbered up since waking but things still hurt. Go figure. It kinda sorta makes me wonder what is really real. But I ain’t going there, because I don’t really give a rat sass about reality today. There – I finally made myself smile. Call it proactive grouching.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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