Not That Kind of Sky

“If a man who can’t count finds a four leaf clover, is he lucky?” ~ Stanislaw Lem

“In the high country of the mind one has to become adjusted to the thinner air of uncertainty.” ~ Robert Pirsig

“How is there freedom to choose if one does not learn how to choose?” ~ David Foster Wallace

Something rather surprising occurred to me this morning. Here’s the thing – after 15 years with this animal it has never occurred to me that the cat is going to be annoying at feeding-time. Every time. It seems to be something they do to ensure the human will comply with training. She ratchets it up sometimes to the point where I am certain she is trying to kill me, by getting under foot and unpredictable, thus causing me to stumble and fall and break my neck. Luckily that didn’t happen this morning. Now, bright and sunny and cloudless. No way am I going to find a melancholy-inducing sky today. I would prefer that, but ain’t gonna happen. Whatever. It’s just a short post today anyway. Ciao.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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