Plush With Unremembered Dreams

“Magic doesn’t sweep you away; it gathers you up into the body of the present moment so thoroughly that all your explanations fall away: the ordinary, in all its plain and simple outrageousness, begins to shine — to become luminously, impossibly so. Every facet of the world is awake, and you within it.” ~ David Abram

“Along with the other animals, the stones, the trees, and the clouds, we ourselves are characters within a huge story that is visibly unfolding all around us, participants within the vast imagination, or Dreaming, of the world.” ~ David Abram

“Is it the shadow itself that looks out through our eyes at midday? Small wonder that so many traditional peoples give themselves over to siesta, and sleep, for an hour or two at this time, letting their tissues and organs respond to this interior visitation by the night, allowing the many cells or souls within them to be tutored by the darkness that has taken temporary refuge within their flesh.” ~ David Abram

Full, direct sunlight just came pouring over the mountains. Sunrise was about 45 minutes ago. I’m tempted to think about light and relativity and Einstein and Hawking, and not just think, maybe more to tap in to how I am feeling about it all. The Knights Templar said “All things are Light”, and I agree with that, but only because I’ve been there, done that. In one of those moments during meditation . . . a moment of pure being. In one of those moments where time doesn’t stand still, it just steps out for a few. And now it is sporadic chatter from a songbird, a sky blue sky, golden light playing off the trees in the background, and the apple blossoms right outside the window remain in shadow, waiting for their turn with direct sunlight; they’ve got a few hours to go. I should mention that today’s opening quotes from David Abram just kinda came to me. I slept for 11+ hours last night. Deep sleep, plush with unremembered dreams. Musta needed it, right? And even though I have no conscious memory of the dreams I also know that un- or sub-conscious memory is a given, those dreams go on all the time. All of it. There is no need to remember in words something that in immediacy is actually occurring. So anyway, for some tasty reason all of this rest left me feeling somewhat natural, and when I was ready for my daily quote search one of my inner voices recommended quotes from someone well-versed in the natural world. At first John Muir came to mind. Coulda been Annie Dillard just as easily; or Thoreau, or Castaneda. But my mind slipped right past Mr. Muir, on to Edward Abbey, then I settled on David Abram, who just happens to be a magician as well. Magic shows in his words. David tells of how the world is a story, unfolding into time and space, and we risk danger when we go with the program and set the natural world aside, touching it only gingerly, and then only with words and concepts. I’m not into that today. It is a day off. Why would I want to do that on my day off? I want to Dream, I want to live in the Story, I want to sing the song which the Celts call Oren Mor – the great song of Creation. And I can do that. That’s all I want and that will be quite enough. Get some more rest, maybe grab a bite for lunch. But first I had best wash my hands, feed the cat, and rinse the night’s sleep from my skin. My friend Stephanie is a musician who encourages clear passionate expression by saying “Sing it!”. You’ll be saying something about something very close to your heart and she will simply say “Sing it!”. Yeh, that’s what I’m saying. Now, the cat just made a little sound that tipped me off that there may be trouble if I don’t feed her soon. So all for now.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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