The Fox in the Flow

“And yet even while I was exulting in my solitude I became aware of a strange lack. I wished a companion to lie near me in the starlight, silent and not moving, but ever within touch. For there is a fellowship more quiet even than solitude, and which, rightly understood, is solitude made perfect.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” ~ Mark Twain

“He wanted—what did he want most in life? I think his distinctive craving is best expressed as fun—fun in companionship.” ~ H. G. Wells

“My flute, M. Poirot, is my oldest companion. When everything else fails, music remains.” ~ Agatha Christie

There is a raven who has been squawking alone, just up the hill outside my window, each morning at dawn, for several days now. This morning a few more joined in. If this lone corvid is here to tell me something it is unclear in its mission. Well . . . more likely I just ain’t gettin’ the message. I’m like that – my mind moves so fast that I often can’t settle for the appropriateness of any one symbol, in regards to the magical Totem messages that come my way, along my way on this timeline in life. Perhaps this is the way it should be? Yeh, maybe. Raven is a Trickster, thus the affinity I feel. But Fox has offered herself as my guide for the Summer, which began only yesterday. And Fox is a Trickster as well. Boy howdy I guess I just gotta go along for the ride the Trickster offers. That ain’t so bad, now is it. Going with the Flow suits me well these days. The first psychotherapist I ever visited was a Doctor of Human Growth and Development. Her Ph.D dissertation was on Flow Consciousness. How convenient for me: that was just what was needed at the time. Dr. Bauer told me, shortly into the year or so that I partook of her talents, that I live on an archetypal level. It seems I still do. Good on me. So Fox it is. It should be an interesting Summer. Swiftness, adaptability, cunning, decisiveness in movement. But I must keep close conference with myself. Learn to be gentle and discerning. Learn to be more patient and articulate in expression. Learn to be a clown when the situation arises. Allow laughter. Dance like a fool then pounce when ready. Not to hurt anybody’s feeling while insisting that I tell them what is so. Sound mysterious? Yes – yes it is. Just up my alley. Lately my desire (Siddhartha cautioned against desire) for companionship has been notched up a level, and I’m like “What’s up with that?”. Who knows. There is somebody I have in mind as an occasional companion, but it doesn’t seem likely, or necessary, that this person play that role. No, I ain’t invested in any desire here, I just think it would be nice. That’s all. But enough of all that. I gotta get my assets in gear and on down into Taos to undergo my work day. A basket full of change was gifted to me during the past three days. I am both rested and not. It is a fairly comfy feel, and the dichotomy is very Trickster-like. I think I’ll just mosey along now. Happy Solstice! Blessed Be.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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