In the Moisty Autumn Chill

“The story of two dreams is a coincidence, a line drawn by chance, like the shapes of lions or horses that are sometimes formed by clouds.” ~ Jorge Luis Borges

“He stepped outside and looked up at the stars swimming in schools through the wind-driven clouds.” ~ John Steinbeck

“My soul
must reach
into the clouds
and touch
the beauty
of madness.”

~ Melody Lee

Here I sit in shirt and jeans of denim, old Yes “Fragile” T-shirt beneath, and the moisty chill of the first full day of Autumn. Fresh and to the bone. It is cold enough to close the window but I cannot bring myself to do so. However brief was Summer’s visit the change of season is refreshing my mind and heart with a deep and soulful longing. Some unknown force beckons forth, and I listen. Softly, like a churned sea caressing the beach some ways away. Got a woman on my mind, and the ambient music of low-grade wonder. I don’t rightly know what drove me to get to know her, but I called it, at first, the call of Spirit, which is still pretty much how I see it. We are sometimes drawn to people in some cosmic dance that few of know much about. No, I am not one of the few who know. I wouldn’t want to if I could. I need that mystery. I like that I can flow soft in thinking of her smile. Yeh, it’s the first full day of Autumn. I feel somehow rich with this new season sitting in my lap. I think that’s enough for now. Today must be a day of profound rest. I could barely stand up when I got home from work yesterday, so exhausted I was. But first a trip into Taos for a few small supplies. Then rest. Dang, I might as well start resting right away and use it as a shield for the introverted empath in me in my morning travels. That and a beautiful smile welcome the season for me. No, that smile is not a memory. Rather it is timeless; the call of Spirit.

All is well. Goof gloriously.

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