The Urgency of Sitting Still

“In an age of acceleration, nothing can be more exhilarating than going slow. And in an age of distraction, nothing is so luxurious as paying attention. And in an age of constant movement, nothing is so urgent as sitting still.” ~ Pico Iyer

“It was the kind of building that remembered things, deep-down things, things that rode tears into the world, telling them back to anyone old enough or wise enough to know how to listen with their eyes.” ~ Charles Blow

“The death of a parent, he wrote, ‘despite our preparation, indeed, despite our age, dislodges things deep in us, sets off reactions that surprise us and that may cut free memories and feelings that we had thought gone to ground long ago.” ~ Joan Didion

Sometimes I have the feeling that the first true step toward healing is to become and remain present in your life; remain grounded, that sort of thing. I don’t want to get too deep, after all, it is Sunday. These notions are the impetus behind the way I so often begin a blog post, noting mundane features of the morning – cat, coffee, cold weather, et cetera. It is a journey, and if I don’t start from where I am sitting, then who’s doing the sitting around here? That said, it is laundry day. I usually don’t go down to the wash-o-mat until midday. There is plenty of time before then. Through my window I see the crisp morning light, the birds coming and going at the feeders in the little apple tree t’other side of the window pane. The recent snowstorm flipped the switch. It is now more Winter than it is Autumn. And there ya have it. I’ll be sitting a good part of the day. Catching glimpses of juncos and pine jays at work. Keeping an eye on the news. Checking in with the body, now and then, here and now . . . whatever. But boy howdy I ain’t goin’ all Zen and stuff by just sitting around doing nothing but everything. That takes too much work! No way, no how. It’s too much like philosophy. Wah. Better stop before I whine, or simply get all cranky and cynical and stuff. Ciao.

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