That Broody Mental Gyre

“The human mind is an incredible thing. It can conceive of the magnificence of the heavens and the intricacies of the basic components of matter. Yet for each mind to achieve its full potential, it needs a spark. The spark of enquiry and wonder.” ~ Stephen Hawking

“What I think is a different matter. Maybe I think some rather curious things — but until thinking’s got you somewhere it’s no use talking about it.” ~ Agatha Christie

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.” ~  Richard Feynman

Sitting here getting an eyeful, through the window over my desk, where the pale orange light reflecting off the bare trees just surged in intensity, as the Sun apparently crested the mountains, yonder over Taos Canyon. Nice light show, right? You betcha. Another really cool thing about this lovely Sunday morning is that the coffee has provided a comparable surge in my brain. I can use a good brain surge every once in a while. In fact, I require it. I ask an awful lot from my brain; there’s no denyin’ that. Did you know that the fastest creature on Earth is the peregrine falcon? I mean, 200 mph at maximum plummet velocity! My brain has been like that lately. It’s always fast, but not this fast. This is of unprecedented magnitude. To try to hold on to that level of rowdy traffic of thought is not only futile it’s a bit daft as well. I find that if I go too far into that brooding mental gyre, the cyclone’s speed begins to feel like a dollop of molasses, in some rather unsettling ways. But, dude, like, mindfulness. I really mean it. I have been “practicing” mindfulness for nearly 40 years now. The parentheses are there because truth is it don’t seem ta take much practice, dude, ’cause practice is only necessary until you learn how to play, then play to learn. In that order. Says me. About four years in I was plunged into a situation and condition that required mindfulness as a tenuous tool for survival. I was hurt bad, messed up, and had to learn to manage. When I needed mindfulness I found it was already there waiting for me. Imagine that. Now, going forward, it is laundry day. No way around it. But it’s Sunday. No hurries, no worries. Right?

All is well. Goof gloriously.

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