Harry Potter and the Sadness Upon Shoulders

Anxiety, that furtive and ghastly presence, cannot hide from beauty” ~ Ken Ebert

“Happiness does not lie in amusement; it would be strange if one were to take trouble and suffer hardship all one’s life in order to amuse oneself” ~ Aristotle

“Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty.” ~ Deepak Chopra

“The search for meaning is really the search for the lost chord. When the lost chord is discovered by humankind, the discord in the world will be healed and the symphony of the universe will come into complete harmony with itself.” ~ John O’Donohue

There is no difficulty for me in admitting trepidation toward a holiday weekend at work. Retail, don’tcha know. Hopefully the kindness of camaraderie is running high these next few days. It does most days. There are two situations in my life that are stirring up sadness for me. Both will ease with time, as these things always do. Actually there is a third one as well, but it ranks above the others in that it has now been 14 years to the day since I picked up mom at St. Vincent’s in Santa Fe, to begin her seven month dance with death. I staged a Harry Potter movie marathon the very next night. We had a blast. She was enrolled in hospice about six weeks later. I will always remember, vividly, mom’s statement to the oncologist: “Just give me a nurse and some morphine”. I’m gonna forego Harry Potter this time. Anniversary noted. I gotta go shower for work. Until the next time, friends.

All is well. Goof gloriously.

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