The Canceled Century

“Modernist manuals of writing often conflate story with conflict. This reductionism reflects a culture that inflates aggression and competition while cultivating ignorance of other behavioral options. No narrative of any complexity can be built on or reduced to a single element. Conflict is one kind of behavior. There are others, equally important in any human life, such as relating, finding, losing, bearing, discovering, parting, changing. Change is the universal aspect of all these sources of story. Story is something moving, something happening, something or somebody changing.” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

“The voice that says, “That’s the way I am,” is the voice of knowledge. It’s the voice of the liar living in the Tree of Knowledge in your head. The Toltec consider it a mental disease that is highly contagious because it’s transmitted from human to human through knowledge. The symptoms of the disease are fear, anger, hatred, sadness, jealousy, conflict, and separation between humans. Again, these lies are controlling the dream of our life. I think this is obvious.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

As of yet a quiet morning. The thing tickling my intellect on this fine morning is the odd notion that science is just another opinion. I’ll not get snarky over this. I tend to tread lightly on things like this, because I have friends who are anti-vaxxers, chem-trail followers, as well as any number of others, including the idea that the One World Government is trying to put microchips in our sugar-laden fizzy drinks from . . . ooops, that was a tad snarky, now, wasn’t it? I only know a couple who believe that tRump is a good man. I’m not inclined to try and dispute their beliefs, though I could put up a good show of it if pushed too hard. In these purportedly final days of the 21st century it’s easy to say “what’s the use”. No . . . wait . . . final days? Well, it seems may cancel the rest of the century because some aids have warned him that bigotry, cruelty, and violence-as- remedy . . . well, the 21st century will deal a near-decisive blow to such ideas, knocking them down to size. Easy fix there: just cancel this rest of the century! What gave me this daft and satirical notion was some nitwit woman’s warning that Christianity is in dark danger of being canceled.

But enough of all that. The heat of the day is hours away, but it sure has a good start. This is laundry day. My usual maladies, both physical and mental, are running in the moderate range. But the cat is happy. That means a lot to me. In my darker cycles I strongly feel that I am here for the cat, and that’s all. There is no commenting on that really, except to make the admission and let it go on its way. There is no true or false to such mental/physical states. The idea is to acknowledge them and see what kind of processing can be done. And that is that. I’m feeling pretty okay today. And the cat is happy. That’ll do for now.

All is well. Goof gloriously.

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