You Have to Befriend the Dragon

“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud. ~ C. G. Jung

“Maybe all the people who say ghosts don’t exist are just afraid to admit that they do.” ~ Michael Ende

“The terms we use for what is considered supernatural are woefully inadequate. Beyond such terms as ghost, specter, poltergeist, angel, devil, or spirit, might there not be something more our purposeful blindness has prevented us from understanding? We accept the fact that there may be other worlds out in space, but might there not be other worlds here? Other worlds, in other dimensions, coexistent with this? If there are other worlds parallel to ours, are all the doors closed? Or does one, here or there, stand ajar?” ~ Louis L’Amour

Monday morning. Good coffee, almost gone. Cat sound asleep on her bed next to my desk. Scant noise from the highway. High partial overcast, committing the morning to temporary grayness. I wish I could remember my dreams. It surely has been easy for me to sleep these days. No worries on that. There are memories being disturbed that would have been easier just kept down, like the dragon slathered across his pile of gold. But it’s that gold, that pay dirt. It’s an apt metaphor for the ages. As Stephen and Ondrea Levine were so fond of noting, we should treasure ourselves. I know full well the value of digging deep, rousing the dragon, then getting a look at the treasure beneath him. Tricky business, that. Those memories are locked up for a reason. The trick is to find that moment of grace when the reason starts to resemble a purpose. For that, to begin to find that purpose, or even a ghost of it, you have to befriend the dragon. I won’t milk that metaphor this morning. It’s friggin Monday and I gotta go to work. OMG town is crawling with tourists! A good many of whom are not wearing masks. I will don my mask and gloves, suit up – vest, walkie talkie, knife, pen, pocket notebook – I may even wear my company hat. Then it is step into the vinyl fishbowl I work within these days. I’m aiming for the Tao thing today. The walking prayer thing. The Beauty Way. There’s that one smile I hope to see, always first, no need to wonder or know why. There’s that one quip, blip of jest, nugget of wisdom. Then there’s the dragon . . . onward.

Hey! Check out the orb shooting out from beneath the door in the opening photo. Zoom in, it’s very interesting.

All is well. Goof gloriously.

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