Timelessness and a Cowboy Metaphor

Sunset from June 2009. The wildfire smoke was seriously thick at the time.

“The traumatized person is often relieved simply to learn the true name of her condition. By ascertaining her diagnosis, she begins the process of mastery. No longer imprisoned in the wordlessness of the trauma, she discovers that there is a language for her experience. She discovers that she is not alone; others have suffered in similar ways. She discovers further that she is not crazy; the traumatic syndromes are normal human responses to extreme circumstances. And she discovers, finally, that she is not doomed to suffer this condition indefinitely; she can expect to recover, as others have recovered.” ~ Judith Lewis Herman

“Most important thing in life is learning how to fall.” ~ Jeanette Walls

Back to work. The past three days feel like three weeks. Before the disorientation began, a few hours after the head injury, I decided to just cut loose the schedule and clock for the next three days. And feel into the pain, examine the wound in the mirror, sit as still as possible. I strapped on my medical-grade cervical collar because I could feel the trauma in my neck, which is never good on the best of days. Yeh, it’s been a long three days. In fact it has felt timeless in many ways. Last night was rough for sleeping, due to sensations around the wound. There is a headache, but the whole thing just feels creepy. All the things I did were not palliative, as such, I did them to make sure that a PTSD episode did not take hold. It was a success. That makes it research as well. As a trauma sufferer I think you oughtta be prepared for accidents, not if they happen or not, but what to do to keep a trauma reaction from taking hold – sorta like headin’ it off at the pass. Don’tcha just love them cowboy metaphors. And on that note, I’d best start getting ready for the workday, and all of the comments I expect to get about this big black eye.

All is well. Goof gloriously.

3 thoughts on “Timelessness and a Cowboy Metaphor

  1. Hey Ken – sorry to read about your head kissing the dirt (again). Glad the pieces have been put back together by those angels. Hang tight man. Don’t be an Emu and forget you’ve grown wings.

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